About Us

cyberTROPES® is an interactive learning system for teaching Torah and Haftarah tropes to Bar/Bat Mitzvah students of any age.  It uses the latest computer-based interactive audio and visual technology to teach the fundamentals of changing in the synagogue.  Your students choose the trope to hear - Torah or Haftarah, in any order they wish, as many times as they wish, hearing either a piano or real voice.  They can even save any sequence of tropes in any order they need to practice again and again.  Students learn at their own pace to become proficient Torah and Haftarah readers - a skill they can use anywhere.


cyberTROPES® keeps your students excited and enthusiastic about learning a skill that will get them involved, so they will be active participants in the synagogue for the rest of their lives.


There are two versions available: (1) Standard cyberTROPES®, using traditional tropes, and (2) a customized version of cyberTROPES®, a way to teach your distinctive melodies, with your voice, to your students.  Both include the Brachot before and after a Haftarah or a Torah reading.  Either will help your students feel confident on the bimah.


If Nusach is what you teach, we will customize that, too.


This is a fun and effective method for learning or teaching how to chant Torah and Haftarah.  It has been developed through years of experience and teaching.  It is a multimedia teaching system that is perfect for you and your students.